1 Donate Time or Money to your local Red Cross
2 Distribution of Stationary in Slum area
3 Hold a rally to encourage more young people to be involved in their communities
4 Plan a "private volunteer recognition party" with live music and food
5 Make a quilt to give to a museum or an elderly person
6 Collect blankets for a local shelter
7 Visit someone sho needs a friend
8 Sponsor a health fair that offers free blood pressure and dental checkup
9 Hold a puppet show for hospitalized kids-make them laugh
10 Photograph a local event and donate the pictures to your local historical museum
11 Help a kid by helping a parent.
12 Organize and promote a community-wide cleanup week
13 Highlight your club's community service activities on a web site.
14 Collect used sports equipments that you can donate to families with limited resources
15 Build a playground for kids with physical disabilities
16 Deliver demonstrations on health and exercise in schools
17 Start a web site for your club or group
18 Plant a tree
19 Celebrate other cultures with art exhibits, performances and poetry readings
20 Perform an act of kindness for a friend
21 Thank the care givers in your family- do something special for them.