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Fun Creates learning



At School, children under the age group of 2.6 to 5 years learn through live examples, virtually. This is enchanting indeed! Traveling to places sitting in a classroom is possible with the VR head gears. The 3D viewing & the practicality associated to theoretical places make concepts easy to understand.



Smart Classes are must for new age education wherein children should know how to understand concepts through learning tools. It is important that a teacher portrays the academic content on-screen which will awaken all their senses to domains of new learning experience.



Robotics develops critical thinking & moreover it's a favorite activity for kids at School. It polishes a child's thinking skills & parents are sure to observe how brilliantly their child learns to assemble blocks in the Robotime Kit. Level wise kits are specialized as per child's learning needs.  



Speak-o-kit, more commonly known as, a set of talking books & talking pen is a learning tool which was introduced for the very first time by School. It aims to inculcate self reliance, self learning & greater retention power amongst students. It is 100% mapped with the school curriculum.